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Kool for Cats has an integral reception area where our guests are welcomed, together with a kitchen and utility room.

The cattery has under floor central heating running through all the bedrooms and corridors - so no need to huddle under a little heat lamp!

We have 14 houses for up to 2 cats and 4 family rooms for up to 4 cats - these are especially suitable for longer term guests.

The double rooms have 16sq ft sleeping area with shelving to look out of the shaped windows and a choice of bedding. Guests can stroll out into there own personal exercise area at anytime - here they find over 20 sq ft of area with scratch poles, more shelving, complimentary toys, carpet pieces and a lovely view over the cattery gardens. Often birds will be feeding at the bird table or our hens will be pecking on the lawn, so they have lots to look at!

Large sliding windows are opened on good days, giving lots of fresh air - or they are closed to keep out rain, snow and winds!

Each exercise area is separated by large toughened glass sneeze barriers, allowing lots of light in, but ensuring that no cat can come in contact with another.